Our Norwegian colleagues have gotten a new address

8 th September

 New address in Ålesund, Norway

After 23 years at the same place in the central of Ålesund, Norway our Norwegian colleagues have gotten a new address. The new office is placed in an industry area called Flatholmen. The area is known as a big transport sector which constantly expands with more offices in the future.  

A the end of August, our Norwegian collogues in Ålesund moved to the new address. Close to the Ellinsøyfjorden (an inlet) we now rent the second floor in the building which can be seen on the photograph above. Though the new office is half the size of the old place, it is more functional. There are parking space alongside the building walls and our trucks can easily move around on site. Flatholmen also offers trailer wash and services if necessary.


In Norway we have 148 employees of which 9 are employed in Ålesund.


The new address is: Flatholmen 2, N-6002 Ålesund


For further information, please contact Thermo-Transit Danmark A/S, Sales & Marketing, Kia Preethi Skov-Sørensen on phone +45 21 59 86 73 or via mail: kpss@thermo-transit.com   



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