7 th June


Last Saturday we got strengthened the team spirit in groups in Kelstrup Plantage. We were divided into teams, and were going to battle against each other. Though the weather-forecast predicted rain, the sun shone on all Thermo-Transit’s employees.

“After Work Management”, also referred to as team building, but regardless of what one would call it, it is all about collaboration and unity. At 9 am Saturday morning everybody met up in Kelstrup Plantage near the border to Germany, and the day’s program was kickstarted with morning gymnastics. Afterwards we were divided into teams that were supposed to compete against one another. The various tasks were solved collectively, some challenged logic while others were challenged in the kitchen.

The smell of green grass and summer
After today's program, we ate the homemade food in the green surroundings, and talked about today's most challenging tasks. Today's results were presented and the winning team was found. One of the participants explained: "It was a really nice day, where we all worked together and we strengthened the ability to communicate with each other."

We are Thermo-Transit!
In everyday life, we work in different departments, which together represent our most important task in the transport industry - to ensure the best transport solutions for our customers. On Saturday, the tasks were identical for every participant and group. The purpose was to focus on the team's overall strength and team work, and all the participants in the event did a great job working together to solve the tasks.

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