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Every day we work on optimising solutions for our clients. The key to success are our employees that contribute with knowledge, knowhow and expertise on a daily basis, to achieve the goal. Through new thinking and innovation we proactively work on being “miles ahead”.

International opportunities 
Thermo-Transit has subsidiaries and sales divisions all over Europe. That is why we can offer an international career where contact to many different countries and people is everyday. We have employees with different backgrounds, so whether you have a formal education or not, there will always be a space for you.

We have a lot of focus on creating the best working environment for our employees, and that is why we value employee development so highly. We also offer further education as well as competence development.

A strong, but informal culture 
With us you will become part of a powerful, but informal, culture where everybody is heard. You will be assigned to the team, that suits your competences and qualifications. The most important thing for us is, that you thrive and keep developing in the same direction as our organisation.

Experience our everyday

Together we create Thermo-Transit, which in 2017 will be celebrating its 30th anniversary.

In our export department for goods to Scandinavia, Gitte is working as a Freight Forwarding Assistant. “My primary assignments is to create tourlists, customs documents, invoices etc. In short, all the administrative assignments that concern a tour. I have been employeed since 2015 and I am very happy to be part of an inspirational team, that has many projects going. I like the working environment in Thermo-Transit. There are good colleagues that make you feel welcome. And it is no secret either, that the employee benefits also has a lot of say in the overall impression. We have a canteen service, fresh fruit, good pension plans, massage and joint arrangements, that make the everyday a little bit more fun.”       

Gitte Hartung

Freight Forwarder Assistant

Ole works in the bookkeeping department where he has been working for 10 years. His everyday is characterized by various assignments that involve bookkeeping and incoming invoices. “I also check the drivers reports from our own subsidiaries, and then I help out whereever I am needed”. Because Ole has been part of the company for 10 years, he also has a lot of experience with what is going on in the accounting department. That is why his assignments revolve around this. “When I think back at the time when I started, we were far from the amount of employees that we have today. It is a really good company to work for where the groundbase starts with freedom under responsibility.”   

Ole Nissen

Assistant in bookkeeping

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