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We are constantly searching for new ways and methods to run our business and that is why new knowledge from different educational insitutions is a top priority.

Do you want to become an apprentice, intern or simply write a project about us then simply send us a motivated application wherein you give a short description about yourself, what you can contribute with and what department and country you would like to be attached to.

Contact our HR-responsible, Louise Miltoft Rasmussen on phone : (+45) 73 47 47 77 or via email

Natalie has been a Freight Forwarding trainee, and are now working in our fishdepartment which takes care of export of fish to the Netherlands, Belgium, The United Kingdom, France and Poland. She completed her education summer 2017. Natalie tells about her trainee position: “I have been a trainee in Thermo-Transit. I have learned a lot by being here, and my colleagues are always very helpful. I could not imagine being a trainee anywhere else than here”. Natalie has been studying with IBC in Kolding, and she found the trainee opening in her network.

Natalie Madsen

Freight forwarder trainee

Sebastian is a freight forwarding trainee in our Italian export department. He started on the 1st of September and is expecting to complete his education February 2018. Sebastian is attached to the educational institution Innovationsfabrikken in Kolding. “My plan of action has been changed a bit in my trainee time in Thermo-Transit, but I do not mind at all. I do various different things and am assisting a bit with the website as well. I found the internship through a job opening on social media. Today I feel like lying in a bed of down. That should be understood as I am constantly being challenged, and that I am not afraid to learn by trying out new theory in praxis.” Sebastian hopes to get hired after his internship ends, and is considering further education with time. As Thermo-Transit we give our employees the opportunity for further education, and our focus is constantly on making sure, that our competencees meet our challenges.

Sebastian Frenander

Freight forwarder trainee

Christian Petersen is an intern and has been so since 30th of January, 2017. For the first 3 years Christian has studied Transport and Logistics, and now he is studying European Business Management in Germany. As part of his education program there is a planned 3-week internship. Christian is assigned to the Benelux department in our company, and his daily job consists of planning, invoicing and booking trips for our drivers. “I found Thermo-Transit as I was researching on the internet, and with a little help from my college I was lucky enough to get an internship here. I love the tempo in the job, and no 2 days are ever alike. Within a few weeks I already feel like I am part of the team. There is a really good working environment compared to other companies, and my luck has doubled as I have gotten the opportunity to continue working here after my internship ends.    

Christian Petersen


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