Omfartsvej 1, 6330

Padborg, Denmark


(+45) 73 47 47 47

In 2021 we expanded with a brand new, super-terminal located at our office headquarters in Padborg. But we are far from done!

In the beginning of 2022, we initiated the construction of our new driver’s hotel, which is also located near our headquarters in Padborg.

The new buildings will replace our current driver’s hotel, which is becoming too small.

The project is expected to be done at the end of Q2 this year, and will consist of 4 buildings with a total of 992 m2 of space.

Each of the buildings will contain 9 rooms with 2 beds. All in all 72 beds for our drivers to enjoy a good night’s sleep in.

The new hotel will offer the same facilities as the current hotel.

There will be plenty of showers & toilets, so our employees can enjoy a hot, relaxing shower.

We have state-of-the-art internet in Padborg, which our drivers can use for their enjoyment, in example to spend some hours watching video streams online, or they can communicate with their families via video stream in the highest possible resolutions.

The buildings will have a kitchen where the drivers will be able to cook themselves a hot meal, and a designated area where they can consume their food in comfort, making them feel as much at home as possible!

Stay tuned for more pictures whilst the construction continues!