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Bernt-Erik Pedersen

NOR LINES avdeling Fredrikstad


NOR LINES Fredrikstad says that the cooperation is good.

“There is always a truck at hand and you can count on their top service.”


Lena Möller

Jata Cargo


We have cooperated with Thermo-Transit since the end of 2016.
Thermo-Transit has proven to be a very good partner that shows high quality and good delivery as well as transport safety.

Both us and our customers are very pleased with the service offered by Thermo-Transit


Preben Thinggaard Larsen

Chrisfish Danmark A/S


I have colaborated with Thermo-Transit Norge AS (Bø in Vesterålen) since the beginning, and our friendship can be described as a good and long marriage. Thermo-Transit always find a solution on out transport challenges, and we can always trust, that our delivery arrive on time. We are working together with very good people in Bø in Vesterålen, and they are always here to help 24 ours a day. Severel times I made a mistake by not booking enough trucks for my transport, then Thermo-Transit always help me out and together we solved the challenges.

Flexibility is always good together with our relations and the good friendship, which means a lot to us. And that is why we are working together.


Michael Lodahl

Danske fiskeauktioner


Thermo-Transit is a really good business partner. They always deliver on time, and that means a lot to us in our business. They are trustworthy and they have a very high delivery assurance. We have collaborated for many years, and we are very pleased with that.

We have great trust to eachother, and there is no doubt that we know eachother very well. Together we find the best transportation solution that always accomodates our wishes. Thermo-Transit is very flexible, so anything is possible. The way they drive their business is not set in stone. They are always willing to try new things when we come up with a suggestion. That is incredibly important to us.

Credibility is one of the key words in our collaboration. We can always trust, that Thermo-Transit arrives on time. That is one of the most important aspects in our collaboration.


Erling J. Strøm

Nordic Group


For several years we have been working with Thermo-Transit on export of fresh and frozen fish from all over Norway.

We have a vision of being the number one partner in wild seafood. When you have a vision of this, you must work with serious and loyal partners, and it is Thermo-Transit.

Time is a decisive factor in achieving the best possible delivery quality. Therefore, our choice of carrier is done carefully.

We have a very good cooperation and there is no doubt that Thermo-Transit does a good job for us.


Frederik Nysted

Scanfish Danmark A/S


”It is an important factor for us to use a transporter that our clients are pleased with too. More clients buy from us because we use Thermo-Transit as our transporter. There is a high level of delivery assurance and basically no damages. In the incidents where something does get damaged, we get informed before the goods arrive.”

“Thermo-Transit delivers excelent service. They are very flexible, and in general we are very good at finding the right solution together. We are always able to get a hold of them if a question should arise. The goods arrive on time, and should it happen that Thermo-Transit is delayed, the client is informed directly by themselves. It is out of our hands.”

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